Twin Screws and Barrels

Counter rotating twin screws and barrels are designed with a detailed engineering and produced precisely with very tight tolerances, in order to process dry blend hard PVC efficiently without any problem. FORMER provides the best quality and precision with the help of modern CNC screw production line, highly qualified staff as well as strict quality control criteria. We can replace your existing screw and barrel and we can offer design solutions or improvements for the existing screw as well.

Bimetallic Twin Screws and Barrels

In order to extend the service life of the twin screws and barrels working under heavy conditions (high filled or recycled materials), we offer Bimetallic twin screws and barrels solution as well. Bimetallic Twin Screws and barrels can offer 2-4 times longer service life comparing to nitrided one.

For longer durability in abrasive materials,