“FORMER” Screws That Shape Plastics

High quality plastic products requires well designed and precisely manufactured screws. Former’s experience in design, engineering capabilities and CNC controlled up- to- date production line provides production of variety of complex screw geometries with the tightest tolerances. Additionally, Former can advise screw designs which would meet your requirements in the highest level. Related to your process conditions, standard nitrated, full-section hardened or bimetallic material option, whichever best meets your requirements, is adviced.

  • Classical three zone screw
  • Multi start screw
  • Barrier flight screw
  • Counter rotating twin screw
  • Co-rotating twin screw
  • Degassing type screw
  • Rubber/silicone screw
  • Double Diameter Screw
  • Dispersive/Distributive Mixers

Integrated Barrier screws

The Barrier design screws which separate molten plastics from solid plastics and Grooved fed barrels offer the following advantages:

  • Stable and high output, compared to the classical screws.
  • Higher melt quality and lower melt temperature, Better dispersive mixing.
  • Better results for processing of regenerated or grinded materials.

Dynamic Mixers

With the Application of Dispersive and Distributive Mixers;

  • Effective mixing and distribution of colour master-batches, additives, stabilizers and etc.
  • Preventing agglomerations and improving the melt quality
  • Better appearance and mechanical properties of the produced material
  • Improvement of the product quality with process specific mixers for extrusion and injection molding can be obtained.

For longer durability in abrasive materials,