Bimetallic Barrel and Screw – Protection Against Wear

Today’s plastics parts must meet the very specific needs, thus often requires some abrasive or corrosive additives (such as Glass fibre, CaCO3, Colours etc.) to achieve the specific characteristics. It is essential to take measures for continuous production. Former produces higher durability through hardened or Bimetallic Screws and Barrels as well as Nitrided ones.

Bimetallic Screws

Screws flight, exposed to wear, leads to reduced capacity and disruption of process conditions. In order to protect the screw flights and to postpone the wear, we apply abrasion and corrosion proof coating layer on the top of the screw flights.

We offer proper corrosion or abrasion proof alloy depending on your process conditions and by this mean, screw life can be extended 2-5 times comparing to standard nitride screws.

Bimetallic Barrels

If the lifetime of the barrel is not long enough because of abrasive or corrosive additives or fillers, the right solution is bimetallic barrel. Thanks to special centrifugal casting technique for application of highly abrasion and corrosion proof alloys on the wear surfaces of the barrel. These alloys allows to run the barrel long time without changing it even with up to 50 % glass fiber including materials. Former will offer you proper base material for extrusion or injection molding with the suitable coating alloy for the efficient lifetime.